Health by stealth

Brushies is science (cleverly disguised as fun).

The Science Bit

Our games help your child develop good dental health habits. They work because they are designed around well-researched principles of behavior modification. We’ve blended the most effective methods of behavior modification with gaming psychology and fun design to create dynamic, colorful and interactive games that motivate your child to brush properly.

The Big 4 principles that makes Brushies work are:


Brushies is designed to capture and hold your child’s attention. We use bright colors, personalization, fun themes, captivating characters and a sense of control and achievement as well as the element of competition.


Brushies uses Bluetooth and accelerometer technology to target and develop fine motor skills that your child will practice every time they play. As they play, their muscle memory improves so that they learn correct brushing techniques without having to think about it.


Brushies has intrinsic and extrinsic motivators built in. Fun is our key intrinsic motivator because our games are, well, FUN! Our extrinsic motivator is a sense of reward, achievement and mastery. Children are rewarded for brushing correctly by winning the game or unlocking rewards.


Story is important to Brushies and it’s what makes the best games successful. Our games are stories tied together by our Brushies characters, and, as we develop our games, we’ll introduce more favorite Brushies characters.

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