Our aim

To improve dental hygiene for children, worldwide

We’re the Brushies Team. Our aim is to improve dental hygiene for children, worldwide. We can’t do this all by ourselves so we work with dental professionals who share our mission.

About Us

We’re a global team of web developers, game designers, dental professionals and psychologists. We invent games that make brushing fun. One of these games is Brushies.

The Standards

Brushies is an app-based game that helps children learn to brush their teeth correctly. We’ve designed it to American Dental Association tooth brushing standards and beyond. Brushies encourages children to brush for at least thirty seconds in each mouth quadrant.

Brushies is for children between the ages of 3 and 12.

The Technology

Brushies is a game with two components:

  1. An app downloadable onto a smart device
  2. A waterproof attachment to a child’s manual toothbrush

Our waterproof characters securely attach to a child’s regular toothbrush and sync wirelessly and quickly to our Brushies app. It uses accelerometer and Bluetooth technology to measure and count a child’s brushing. As the child reacts to the game – by moving their brush faster, slower or in different areas – the brush strokes and movements are monitored and feedback given that encourages the child to complete proper, effective  brushing of their whole mouth.

The Psychology Behind Brushies

We’ve used aspects of the psychology of gaming so that Brushies continues to appeal to each child and consistently encourages them to brush regularly and properly. Integral to the Brushies’ design are the principles of:

  • Reward and progress: children unlock points and further games if they brush properly. They are also praised for brushing properly
  • Novelty: new games are launched regularly
  • Character: currently, we have developed a penguin character called Pearly, but soon we will create more characters for children to choose from. Children can also choose  an avatar to represent themselves as they play the game
  • Socialisation and connection: children can create circles of friends to brush with, virtually

Why Dental Professional Work With Us:

We aim to be an extra resource for dental professionals to enable them to serve their younger patients.

  • Brushies is a fun and affordable resource that they can recommend to parents having difficulties with their children’s dental hygiene
  • Brushies creates a positive dental experience for children; this can help children overcome fear of visiting the dentist
  • Brushies is a good basis for engagement with young patients: “Have you brought your Brushie today?”
  • Brushies is a way for children to become familiar with their teeth and a hold strong, positive view about their dental hygiene

We’d Like to Work With You

We’d like to help you support your young patients. We know that you are dedicated to their long-term dental health and we share your concerns and your hopes. We’d like to help you expand what you can offer them.


If you’d like more information about how Brushies can help your practice, or you’d like to stock Brushies, please email us at dentist@mybrushies.com

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