February is Pediatric Dental Health Month so what better time to find a great dentist for your kids. So, the time is almost here for your little one to start taking care of their dental health. It’s recommended that a child’s should first visit the dentist before their first birthday. Recognizing the right time to see a dentist may be easy, but finding a dentist that’s right for you and your little one might be a tougher job. There is no shame in being picky -in fact, it’s recommended. This dentist is going to be in charge of your child’s teeth and you want to make sure you find the best dentist possible.

An easy way to start your journey to finding your pediatric dentist is through recommendation.  Maybe your friends or relatives have someone they would strongly recommend? You can also ask your family pediatrician if they know anyone that they think does a good job. If you would rather look yourself, you can check out the directory at The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and draw up a shortlist of those whom you might find to be a good fit.

You don’t have to pick out a dentist right away and you should never feel obliged to go with your first pick if you aren’t totally comfortable with them. Scheduling consultations is an easy way for you to get to know a dentist before your child has any sort of treatment. You’ll also need to make sure that they take your insurance.

Next, focus on whether you think they would be a good fit for your child. If your child has special needs or is wary of strangers or doctors, you may want to ask the dentist how he would accommodate this. You want to have a dentist who is friendly and warm to work with your child. Dentists are an important factor in your child’s dental health and you’ll want to make sure that this first impression your child has is a good one, otherwise you risk reluctant future visits.

Base your impression on more than just the dentist’s personality, experience and qualifications. Get a feel for the atmosphere of the office. Take a look around, accept invitations for a tour and see if this seems like a place your child would want to visit. Pediatric dentists work with children and their offices should cater to them – from the decorations to waiting room toys. If your child enjoys the waiting room it will make things much easier for you for now and the future.

If you invest time in finding a great dentist at the start of your child’s dental health journey then that journey will be positive and trouble-free.