Brushies is a new educational tool that makes brushing your teeth fun. It’s designed for children (although there’s no reason why grown-ups can’t play, too!)

Brushies incorporates cutting-edge technology that’s used in everyday devices like a pedometer or a smartphone. The Brushies design is developed using an accelerometer in a durable, waterproof casing that attaches to a child’s toothbrush. It’s able to track brushing movements.

These movements are sent to a smart device via Bluetooth sync and are converted into a game. How well your child progresses in the game is directly linked to how they perform in their brushing. The application offers real time instruction so that your child can brush along with an entertaining guide, either alone or with a social group that’s approved by you.

Brushies is developed from research into the psychology of gaming and offers the motivation and engagement factors that are common in all kinds of games. For example, in-game rewards motivate children to play and improve via positive reinforcement techniques. Positive association leads each child to associate the fun of the game with the fun of brushing their teeth. Finally, instead of explaining what a child is doing wrong in a critical, traditionally instructional way, the games offer a way for children to mold their behaviors without even realizing it, and – just like riding a bike – they’ll never forget how to brush properly.

Brushies is designed to keep children hooked because it uses the findings of a range of research that studied the effectiveness of educational games aimed at encourage positive behavior. The research found that measures of “attention, retention, production, and motivation” greatly influenced how effectively the behavior was changed. Brushies includes each of these elements: Brushie games have downloadable content that captures a child’s attention. Incorporating scientifically backed motor learning techniques and easy to follow guides offer high levels of both retention and production. Finally, fun games with enticing virtual rewards that also have a social aspect give a child the motivation to keep on playing and using Brushies.

Brushies has a scientifically-backed design that offers an affordable, fun and engaging way for any child to learn to brush their teeth correctly, and it’s easy to use.