Socialization is important for a child’s development, whether they’re homeschooled or not. Social interaction is as important as arithmetic and language skills as far as cognitive and emotional development are concerned. Humans are social creatures and a homeschooled child doesn’t need to miss out.

If you’re looking for more opportunities for your homeschooled child to socialize, first try checking online homeschool forums to find parents looking for the same thing as you. Support groups can be a great way for you to meet your parenting peers and set up some play dates for your children.

Try reaching out to the local scout troop or enrolling your child in camps and clubs, which can be a great way to start expanding your child’s social circle beyond the family. But if distance is a problem, never forget the power of the internet. Advancements in technology have made it easier than ever for children to connect online with other homeschool students, providing them with a fun and safe environment to interact with their peers.

Some of these sites are virtual classrooms: an online classroom setting of peers and a teacher. Some online classes have state-recognised lesson plans and are a great alternative to trying to develop your own. Children get the benefits of learning from home while still developing friendships with their peers.

Once they start those friendships, technology can connect over distances in different ways. Many toys and games are available that allow your child to interact with their long-distance peers in real time. Whether they are playing video games, brushing their teeth or even hugging their toys, it is easy for them to have real time interactions every day.

Technology is a helpful tool , but it is just that – a tool. Technology shouldn’t replace children’s face to face social interactions. Homeschooling may be an extra obstacle when trying to expand your child’s friend group -but it doesn’t have to be!