OK, we’re biased. We design, make and sell Brushies. We think they’re good for dental health and good fun for your kids. But if you’re not yet convinced that our oh-so-cute characters and so-exciting-there-might-be-squealing games are not quite your thing, read on. We’re going to take a look at the cost-benefit approach of investing in a Brushie.

Teeth are expensive

First, here in the US we have an insurance model of healthcare – and we all know this can get expensive for everyone. Good health is important for every aspect of life, so looking after our health in every way we can – through good nutrition, exercise and good dental health practices – should be one of our priorities. Looking after our teeth is a healthy habit we need to learn from when we first get them – because we all know it’s best to keep our teeth healthy rather than face loads of expensive, probably painful treatment later on in life. Americans spend over $100 billion in dental charges each year, and a large portion of this is often paid out of pocket. While the costs of cleaning are generally covered by insurance, it doesn’t always cover the things goes wrong. According to CostHelper, the average cost of procedures far exceeds what you may want to spend. A cavity filling alone can cost over $200 with insurance, and if you’re unlucky to be need a root canal, you can be looking at $300- $1,150.  And what we’ve found alarming (and one of the reasons we started Brushies) is that over 50% of children ages 6 to 8 have some sort of tooth decay.

Dental treatments aren’t fun

Dental visits can be painful on the wallet but of course they can be painful, physically and mentally, too. We don’t want to scare you off going to the dentist because dentists are there to help us, but, let’s face it, a visit to the dentist for any invasive procedure is not usually a bucket of laughs. They can be so stressful that they deter kids from going back the dentists and make those repeat visits a nightmare.

Brushing is boring

In industrialized countries, dental care tools like floss, toothpaste and toothbrushes are not expensive, so the right tools are available for most children. Often, the reasons why children don’t brush are frustration, boredom or forgetfulness. It can be hard for a parent to motivate a brusher and even harder to keep that suborn child brushing right when parents aren’t around.

So, should you invest in a Brushie?

We think that Brushies address all of the issues – they’re not expensive, they’re a great precautionary measure to steer your kid away from tooth decay and all the fun that that entails, and they actually encourage kids to brush their teeth, because children like playing games. Just a $30 investment, half the cost of a typical Xbox or PS4 video game, in a Brushie now can reduce the risk of you spending hundreds of dollars in the future. You’ll be saving money on those dentist visits while your child will gain the motivation to take personal interest in their own dental health for now and years to come. We think that preventing cavities before they happen is the best solution to for kids and their parents.

If you’d like to invest in your child’s dental health, buy a Brushie here!