Brushies is a new toy that turns brushing your teeth in a game. It’s a crazy, colorful, penguin-powered experience that makes children WANT to brush their teeth!
(Shhh! They won’t know that they’re creating a healthy habit for life.)
For happy kids with healthy, sparkling smiles, get your Brushies now!

Fun Meets Functionality

Brushies means healthy habits for life

All the fun of their favorite video game and great dental hygiene standards, rolled into one. Brushies turns healthy habits into a game that they just won’t want to put down. They’ll use their toothbrush to play the Brushies game and while they’re playing, the game will guide them to brush their teeth properly. And we mean REALLY properly – for a full two minutes, as recommended by the American Dental Association.

Stress-free Brushtimes

No more brushtime struggles

Moms and dads love Brushies because it banishes brushtime struggles. No more standing over your little darlings, making sure they brush right. If your kids love playing video games, they’ll love playing Brushies. And what’s even better – Brushies keeps a record of how your kids brush, so you can monitor their progress WITHOUT standing over them.

(Hey, moms and dads, what are you going to do with that extra time?)

Pop and Play

Getting started with Brushies

Setting up and using Brushies is as easy as 1, 2 3! All you need is a Brushie (buy one here!) and the Brushies app.

1) Pop your Brushie on to your kid’s toothbrush
2) Download the Brushies app on to your phone or tablet
3) Turn on your Bluetooth and….
It’s Brushies time! Your child can start playing Brushies right off.

You only have to download the Brushies app once. Each brushtime, you just open the app and start playing.

Science Bit

How a Brushie works

Every Brushie contains oh-so-geeky sensors that “talk” to your Brushies app (not out loud because that would be annoying). The Brushie counts your child’s brush strokes and how fast or slow they brush and this is reflected in the game on the Brushies app. Your child wins the game if they brush not too fast or too slow, but juuuuuust right!

But there’s more! The Brushies games aren’t about counting strokes because that would be BORING. Our games are about doing fun things like racing against nasty bugs or popping happy balloons and cool stuff like that.

(And while your child is having fun racing against bugs, they’re brushing properly and they don’t even know it. We LOVE health by stealth.)

More about how Brushies works

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Sarah AnnMother of 1

“I tried everything to get my 6-year-old to Brush without a fight, and he was still having checkups with cavities. Six months with Brushies and his recent checkup was an A+.”

DerekFather of 2

“Getting my kids to brush properly was as impossible as getting them to put down the latest video game. Now, we both get what we want.”

Dr Mike WeisbrodDDS, Pediatric Dentist and Researcher

“Brushies is a wonderful new way to help kids brush their teeth and keep them happy and having fun. It gets the kids to brush their teeth, 2 minutes, twice a day.”

JessicaYoung mom

“Brush time was a nightmare for me. Thanks to Brushies I am now relaxed that my child is brushing twice daily and enjoying while he does it. ”

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  • $30 USD

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